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Delhi Co-operative Housing Finance Corporation Ltd(DCHFC), erstwhile known as Delhi Co-operative Housing Finance Society Ltd, came into existence in 1970. However, the Loaning Operations commenced in 1982-83 when 10 Group Housing Societies got their first loan instalments released. For a very long time, DCHFC remained the only Housing Finance Institution in Delhi. To date, DCHFC has financed the construction of about 40000 dwellings in Delhi.

Corporate Office

DCHFC has constructed its own 4 storey building at 3/6, Siri Fort Institutional Area at a cost of Rs. 79.33 Lakhs out of its own resources, and the same is very well maintained.


DCHFC initiated computerised work with back office support in 1987. Subsequently, in 1994, DCHFC has developed in-house computing facility with its own supporting staff. All activities, financial as well as secretarial are now fully computerised using the online concept. DCHFC has kept pace with the technological advancement; and is now embarking upon third phase of upgradation.